Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Topic #2 - "American democracy is unthinkable without political parties."

RESOLVED: Political parties enhance the democratic process.

Have you ever sat down and thought about what political parties actually do for the American style of government? Do political parties actually help? In this blog I will convince you that the political parties in America actually take away from the process and limit the participation of the American people. First we must discuss how people choose a political party to support. While some citizens do actually pay attention to the issues and make an informed decision, the truth is that many simply follow the trend of others in their same situation whether it’s their family, their coworkers, their generation, or their neighborhood; these things create an uninformed public.

Next we must agree that candidates will do anything to win an election, in knowing this we can also see that many candidates will compromise their beliefs in order to get the backing of a political party. This lack of passion for an issue will cause this candidate to be less motivated about the issue and subsequently less likely to fight on behalf of the people who, in actuality, truly support this issue.

Last it is important to say that the party system often causes issues to seem black and white with no middle ground. This will cause politicians to refuse to compromise in the fear that they will lose the backing of their party, like former Senator Arlen Specter did because he believed the opposing side had a better view on the issues. All of these factors combined together create a system of government in which the people are forced to choose between two extremes when the middle may be what is best for the country. (Tucker D.)

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