Monday, October 29, 2012

Should the Electoral College System be Preserved?

Many forces shape the conduct of presidential elections, but none is more significant than the Electoral College. This complex, rather odd institution was another compromise at the Constitutional Convention, a means to moderate the "passions of the public" and to allow smaller states a greater say in the selection of the president.

Today, the Electoral College system shapes the politics of how and where presidential candidates campaign in the general election. And, occasionally, as in the 2000 presidential election, who wins the White House.

Walter Berns, Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute says KEEP IT: "I doubt we could come up with a better system than they (the Founders) did."

Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) says DUMP IT: " The Electoral College is an antiquated institution that has outlived its purpose... it represents a serious and persistent flaw in our current system."

What do YOU think about the Electoral College??
(For full credit, offer evidence from your READER to bolster your argument!)


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Corbin C said...

The electoral college is a rather effective way to elect the President. he only flaw that is has is the fact that if a candidate barely edges out his opponent in a state he gets every vote for that state. If each candidate got his or her vote if would likely be a closer race but more fair to both of them and to the public. Races would definetly have different outcomes.

Corbin C said...

I forgot to add my quote to my previous comment. "The system aims not just for the majority but rule by certain kinds of majorities. It encourages candidates to form coalitions of states with various political interests and cultures."(126) The candidates arent aiming for everyones vote they are aiming for the majority vote of certain group of people.

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