Monday, August 22, 2011

On Respect for Different Points of View

I recommend this opinion editorial from columnist Leonard Pitts of The Miami Herald.  Mr. Pitts seems to 'swim against the tide of popular culture' in expressing respect for conservative former governor Mike Huckabee. What are your thoughts about Pitts' point-of-view?


Iram said...

"It's more important to find answers than win arguments, more important to speak conscience than parrot talking points." This pretty much sums up Pitts thoughts towards Huckabee. Mr. Pitts expresses his differences between himself and Mike Huckabee but instead of criticizing him on the differences, he commends Mike on what he likes about him. He says that Huckabee is a person that uses his conscience and thinks for himself instead of saying what is expected to say unlike most other politicians. I really liked this article because everything he said made me see his point and I agree with him, Huckabee is likable. I read some of the comments after the article and they all said that if Pitts ever singles out a Republican or a Conservative in his writings, he boos them rather then applauding them. His regular readers were a little shocked to see this change. I think Pitts is a very honest man and I see his point of view clearly in what he wrote.

Iram M.

Mr. Ostroff said...

Thanks for adding your comments, Iram! I like the quotation you have used, too - hopefully, Mr. Pitts is praising the mindset we are trying to develop in class: we also want to establish a deliberative dialogue... rather than 'debate to win'
- Mr. O.