Friday, September 25, 2009

For Discussion - Article from the NY Times (9/25)

Public Wary of Obama on War and Health Care, Poll Finds
President Obama is confronting tepid support for his handling of the war in Afghanistan and an electorate confused about the proposed health care overhaul, according to the latest NY Times/CBS News poll.

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misskambodini said...

The article "In Poll, Public Wary of Obama on War and Health" was very informative. Though all sources are susupect, it was still very intersting to discover how the public feels about Obama. The article entails how the public trusts him more than republicans, behind him with the stimulus packet, and behind him on health care and reform. However, the public doubts him in the decisions of the war and they feel he is not quite the commanding figure he was in the spring. Matt Lee qoutes in the article that there are a lot of divisons along party lines and about 50% of the public believe the war will end badly. I personally believe that Obama is taking his time on these issues so as that he may make the right deciosons. I believe the public and the opposing party are wary of him because they are not being patient. Big decisions can not be rushed. Obama just needs time.

Kami Bohannon